Automate your dropship orders.

Do you waste a lot of time processing your dropship orders? Use Dropday and automate all your dropship orders.

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Ways of forwarding


With this option, an e-mail is sent to the supplier immediately after receiving the order with the ordered products and the shipping address. You can create your own email template for each supplier.

Order on webshop

Some suppliers require a manual order to be placed on a web shop. This can be a time consuming task. With this option, a Dropday employee will manually place the order on your supplier's webshop.

File on FTP server

With this option, a file is placed on your supplier's FTP server. The file is created immediately after receiving the order and placed on the server. The following files can be created: XML, CSV, XLS, XLSX, TXT, TSV and JSON files.

Prices Dropday

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Method Price
Email € 0,05 per order
File on FTP server € 0,10 per order
Webshop order € 1,95 per order
No action free

What does Dropday do?

Dropday example
Dropday example

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